July 21, 2020

Logistics management software has disrupted the traditional flow and process of supply chain management. This is down to the automation of a lot of systems, and the ability to streamline the entire supply chain effectively.

In fact, the adoption of the software has resulted in a change in the heart of the supply chain altogether. As logistics becomes faster and more efficient due to the software, other processes have followed suit.

This includes the way in which inventory is held, products distributed and the material goods are chosen. Production in itself has had to develop under these new conditions. Logistics management software has set the bar for how companies conduct their day to day services.

The reason for this is that the efficiency of all of these factors became the determiner for success or failure. The rise in production leads to a rise in supply and ultimately an increase in demand.

The adoption of the new software allowed organisations to invest time in the improvement of each department. The results have been noticeable as everything from the process, to the operations and delivery has improved.

According to a study done in 2018:

– Supply chain market research reveals that 69% of companies don’t have comprehensive visibility of their supply chains.

– Only about 22% of corporations have a supply chain network that is proactive.

– Roughly 62% of companies have restricted the clarity of their supply chain.

– 15% barely have visibility on their production.

– 6% report complete visibility and 17% have prolonged supply chain visibility.

– Supply chain visibility is amongst the uppermost strategic advantages of companies worldwide.

The report goes on to say that by 2020, the driving force of the supply chain will be to improve customer service. As we have seen, this has come to pass as there is a larger focus on the enhancement of customer experience through the improvement of company systems.

Logistics management software allows a company to plan effectively. Moreover, it provides a business with the opportunity to look at the small details, while taking stock of the bigger picture.

On top of this, it also helps businesses in the development of a number of different supply chain pathways.

Companies with the right logistics management software have found our current period smoother than others. The COVID-19 pandemic affected all facets of logistics and distribution.

However, the truth is that with the right software, contingency plans were set in motion long before the occurrence of the disease.

When you choose the right software provider, you are choosing experts in the market and industry.

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