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Greater capacity in the port of Walvis Bay and improved productivity following the opening of the new container terminal will create opportunities for retailers to expand their operations in Namibia.


This will create more pressure on retailers to keep tight control of their inventory in order to remain competitive in a market which is currently suffering from stagnant growth and a general economic slowdown in the country and surrounding region.

With the increase of imports and distribution of stock, the challenge and opportunity at the same time is the vast distance that stock needs to be distributed from the Walvis bay corridor to other main centres in Namibia.

This results in a higher stock holding at the retail store level, instead of relying on distribution centres.

This highlights the importance of managing stock and having accurate stock level readings available on a consistent basis.

At Forte Inventory Solutions we believe that the most accurate and reliable retail stocktake counts are done independently – using external scanners and stock take systems and ideally external counters.

Utilizing technology solutions for stocktake processing is an effective way to simultaneously improve profitability, streamline costs, and reduce waste.

Forte Inventory Solutions plans and manages each “stock take event” in close collaboration with its clients.

All pre-event communications and preparations are done to provide the following services combined; Stocktake software, SU and BIN labels, scanners and outsourced staff counters on request.