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Scaling with Consumer Demands in Warehousing

Nearing the end of 2019, the global count of online shoppers reached a staggering 1.92 billion people, marking a substantial growth for the eCommerce industry. This industry is highly reliant on their partnerships with warehousing and logistics, which makes the distribution of goods bought online a possibility.

This means that growing demand has been placed on warehouses to meet eCommerce consumer needs.

For many, this means utilising specialised warehouse management software to keep up.

Growth Expectations for 2020

Things are looking to get all the more demanding for warehouses in 2020 as consumer needs grow by an estimated 16%, which is a substantial amount.

Those warehouses that enact the right solutions to keep up with this demand, will see the most benefits.

But what are those factors that stop warehouses from being able to scale up in this way?

Challenges Preventing Warehouse Growth

There are a number of challenges that get in the way of scaling up for warehouses, but each can be easily navigated with the right warehouse management software in place to better streamline internal processes.

Time Management

In any industry, effective time management can be a concern. In warehousing and distribution, where deadlines are essential, being able to effectively manage a facility’s available time can present a real challenge to growth.

Inventory Accuracy

As warehouses grow and take on more stock, there is a heightened demand for improved inventory accuracy that allows goods to be effectively recorded, stored and retrieved in less time, with less effort, and with more reliability.

Redundant Processes

Many important processes related to a distribution cut into precious time and cause delays. This comes down to more effective management, which can be met with the right software in place. These processes, especially in the digital age, are outdated and inadequate to meet demand.

How to Meet these Challenges with Warehouse Management Systems

The abovementioned challenges only pose a problem to those warehouses that take a manual approach to management procedures. In such cases, scaling up can be difficult and mistakes can easily be made.

With the right warehouse management solution in place, time management, inventory accuracy and redundant tasks can all be streamlined and optimised to give your facility room to keep up with growing consumer demand; providing an opportunity for growth and better profitability.

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