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Road Transport Management System essential for South African road transport operators

In line with its strategy to provide an all-encompassing software solutions portal for the transport industry, Forte Transport Solutions has brought on board Road Transport Management System (RTMS) specialist to facilitate RTMS accreditation preparation for its customers.

As road transport operators increasingly tune into the benefits of being RTMS accredited, Forte Transport Solutions believes the move is a timely one and the transport industry can benefit if applied correctly.

RTMS is an industry-led, voluntary self-regulation scheme programme that encourages consignees, consignors and transport operators engaged in the road logistics value chain to implement a vehicle management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road safety and increases the productivity of the logistics value chain. It has at its heart SABS standards for transporters.

Although it’s still a voluntary system, transporters are often forced into it by their clients. The likes of Eskom, some of the mines, Sappi and Mondi use it as leverage to set a standard for their transporters – so it’s in the transporter’s interests to get accredited if they want to go after this business.

It’s about being proactive, not overloading and managing drivers. Transporters are audited annually and accreditation is valid for 3 years.

Forte Transport Solutions, in partnership with our logistics software partners, continuously strives to align the reports and modules within the software to produce forms required for RTMS accreditation, in the format that the auditor requests. By offering the transporter a system that drafts the forms in the required format, a lot of time can be saved.

The software itself does not ensure accreditation, but we want to align to document trails within the system as far as possible with requirements.

Forte Transport Solutions totally support self-regulation. Our mission is to increase the positive impact that software can have for our clients and we want to align that with the advantages that self-regulation brings over and above that.