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Prognosis good for retailers with good stock control

Namibian retailers which have current and accurate control of their stock are emerging from the Covid-19 challenges stronger than those without proper systems.

Retailers are under pressure as the demand cycle for a range of items consumers see as essential items has been shortened.

Namibian business, Forte Inventory Solutions, provides inventory control for the country’s retailers using integrated software and scanner tools.

For many Namibian retailers the challenge is that they do not have a central distribution centre in the country from which to replenish stock. Instead, stock is delivered straight to their stores from South Africa – which takes time.

Regular stock-taking is needed to ensure that they do not run out before the next shipment arrives.

Retailers are using third parties for the stock-taking because they reduce losses by providing an independent count, and also take strain off the store’s own staff.

Shops do not have close for stock taking, as this is done after hours by the Forte teams.

The growth of e-commerce has seen warehouse operators also making greater use of external inventory control service providers.

Instead of moving goods in bulk they now face similar challenges to retailers, in that they have to handle multiple individual lots.

Forte Inventory Solutions is helping warehouse managers to adapt to the rise of e-commerce.

“We facilitate the integration of our stock take software with each client’s systems”.

Manual uploads are eliminated by integrating the data generated directly into the client’s enterprise resource planning system.

Where companies decide to outsource their stock-taking, Forte takes accountability from planning and managing all the way to the actual execution of each stock take event for our Namibian clients.

Forte teams provide the necessary equipment and support for scheduled stock-takes throughout Namibia.

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