With Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite, there is a smarter way to route your day.

This highly flexible routing and scheduling solution will help you:


•  Dramatically reduce miles driven, fuel spending, and driver overtime to ensure greater profitability

•  Measure driver performance daily with clearly defined itineraries, manifests, maps, and directions

•  Maximize driver and equipment productivity while following new government regulations

•  Meet and exceed customer service expectations by quickly turning exceptions into opportunities

•  Assess available costs for greater savings by drilling down to actual costs per stop, per mile, or per unit of measurement

•  Work smarter by investing fewer hours in your route planning and more time in strategic forecasting

•  Capture daily reports and important historical data


This versatile enterprise or stand-alone solution gives your routers an effective, tactical routing tool to optimize daily delivery and service operations in just minutes, not hours. Omnitracs Roadnet offers you the ability to transform today’s orders into tomorrow’s routes, locking in the highest number of efficiencies to improve customer service while reducing costs. In fact, Omnitracs Roadnet typically delivers ROI within its first year of deployment, with users consistently cutting their delivery costs by 10 to 20 percent. Integrating Omnitracs Roadnet with your current system is painless—it integrates with existing order entry and host systems, as well as with all other Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite applications. Then, by tapping into its advanced algorithms and custom “street-level” routing passes, you can quickly generate any number of routing assignments.