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Mounting demand to fill warehouse orders faster

Mounting demand to fill warehouse orders faster

The pressure on warehouses is mounting as demand to fill orders faster increases. Around the world, customers are increasingly wanting seamless experiences meaning faster order delivery and shorter lead times.

Stock visibility together with these expected fast turnaround times for picking and order fulfilment are concerns in all warehouses. It is not business as usual in the warehousing sector. Managers are having to re-invent their operations in order to optimize the picking, packing and shipping processes.

Whilst warehouse management systems (WMS) have long served as a cornerstone for most distribution centres, just implementing a system would not suffice going forward.

The future warehouse will have to be more responsive and cost-effective and technology will have to adapt and change to fit this. WMS software has to work efficiently for businesses of all sizes.

When choosing a WMS to take this into account and look for one that is scalable and able to integrate seamlessly into one’s current business model.

Consumers no longer tolerate late, missing or incorrect orders. They don’t think twice about returning items bought online and asking for a refund, even if the item is still perfect. This has made an impact on the distribution environment and is pushing WMS to add features into their systems.  An example is different kinds of returns management capabilities; return into to stock, return to reworks and replaced back into stock, or return to rejects.

Going forward WMS technology would continue to grow leaps and bounds.