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Making Stock Visible & Available to Consumers with Warehouse Management Software

Many of the challenges faced in retail concern the availability and visibility of stock to consumers. Even with exceptional inventory control, the challenge of visibility is still there.

However, by employing the right warehouse management software, these challenges can be effectively overcome by allowing consumers to view available stock to avoid the disappointment of stockout, which may direct them to your consumer.

Let’s take a moment to see how this can improve your relationship with customers by offering them more reliable and gratifying service.

Reducing the Risk of Stockout

Stockout occurs when you have insufficient stock to meet filled orders, which can be remarkably disappointing to consumers; possibly leading them to buy from your competitors instead, while also risking the chance of them never returning.

With the right WMS in place, you will be able to make available stock viewable to consumers, and also allows you to plan ahead for orders to ensure that they can be fulfilled as expected.

Improving Customer Retention

This, in turn, adds more value for your customers who can view your available stock at their convenience.

This creates an image of your business of being more reliable and as a result, will build a better relationship between them and your business; and will keep them coming back instead of preferring the offers of your competitors.

Creating Demand

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs in terms of supply and demand whereby consumers will place more value on limited goods.

This presents an opportunity for your business if it makes available stock visible to your consumers through the right warehouse management solution.

If a certain item in your inventory is running out, your consumers will be able to see this, which will create more demand for what is available, which has been shown to drastically improve sales.

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