November 4, 2019

With an ever-evolving state of technological advancement in the modern age, more and more businesses each day are gleaning the benefits of enacting the use of warehouse management software in their daily activities.

Thousands of industries, the world over, have become reliant on the standard functionality offered by these solutions, with many others still presenting complicated needs in this regard, and therefore require a solution that fills these gaps.

Some of these industries might surprise you, while in others it just makes sense.

So, let’s take a closer look at who these industries are, and why they are reliant on such software.

The Manufacturing Industry

Detailed management of production lines can be a very complicated affair. Mistakes can be costly and easy to make, which makes WMS essential for these types of businesses.


Manufacturers don’t just work with completed goods, they must also consider the availability of their resources, which components that are partially manufactured need to be included later on in the line, and they also need to know when to speed up production to increase supply for demand, and when to slow it down so as to not over-produce.

The right warehouse management solution can ensure that this is done in a watertight, streamlined fashion.

Wholesale & Distribution

Where wholesale distribution is concerned, they are often characterised by complex supply chains, each of which needs to be managed to be efficient and cost-effective. This means that businesses in this industry need a solution that offers advanced picking solutions, exceptional inventory deployment, and efficient cross-docking.

This all needs to be done with incredible order accuracy while also sticking to production, distribution, and even maintenance schedules. Any mistakes made in the above processes can be very costly.

These complications can be effectively circumvented with the use of warehouse management software.

Consumer Goods, Retail & Ecommerce

These industries need to meet the challenge of keeping up with the dynamic nature of client demands. They are in constant flux, which means that there needs to be an adaptable, intuitive and effective WMS in place. This might be needed to keep stock of in-store items, to ensure a steady supply of inventory, or even to facilitate orders for shipping.

Ecommerce businesses face a similar conundrum of managing inventory while also detailing shipping for orders. The larger the scale of these operations grow, the more complex these processes may become; which brings about a need for effective warehouse management solutions at all levels of these types of businesses.

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