September 2, 2019

Forte Warehouse Solutions has customers operating third party logistics and retail warehouses across South Africa. There are disciplines you can set up in a ADOR4 WMS to improve efficiency.

As a standard in ADOR4 we handle pick face and replenishment which increases the efficiency of picking in out-bound logistics.
Over and above this, we have the possibility to work from a forecast as opposed to triggered replenishment, the benefits of which include improved turn-around times on demand; being especially evident when running specials or sales during the year.
This facility includes a replenishment tool for customers who have seasons within ranges of product. The Stock Master or SKU can have up to 4 levels or categories within the system to cater to this.
Recently added to ADOR4 for a retail customer, is a facility called ‘Ship by Destination’ for load optimisation.
This groups all deliveries within a route at the warehouse, so that when the transporter arrives, the entire shipment is in the destination location.
While this seems logical, think of the many sales-orders being picked throughout the day by many different pickers across various warehouses, each with their own characteristics: like groceries, liquor, and fresh produce (that are not temperature controlled, etc.), and bringing these together for one route.
Slotting, both static and dynamic, where locations are set aside for specific products, and taking the fast movers into account, is another way of reducing picking time and increasing accuracy.
This facility depends on the type of product, as not all products are suitable, and requires discipline from the warehouse to be conducted successfully.
Kitting benefits a third-party logistics provider to the manufacturing industry, where they can all off stock according to their Bills of Material.
In this instance, the finished product will be the ‘parent’ stock master, and the required raw materials can be loaded as the ‘chid’ stock master.
The call can be finished at the ‘goods’ level and the picking slip will be exploded into the required raw materials.
While similar in concept, the benefit to retailers from ADOR4, is that of picking products into ready to ship packages for online stores who are always looking for new ways to ship faster and, more cheaply.

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