August 19, 2019

The configuration of the racking is what was different about this cold store, which is mapped into the WMS for automatic put away and picking sequences. There were the usual static racks on both ends of the mobile racking, but this store had a static rack in the centre as well.

When we asked the warehouse manager what the benefit was, we were told this makes for a more efficient picking function as the mobile racks can be opened on both sides of the middle static rack at the same time and so having the time to open racks to pick and put away.

This lead to some thinking on how to create routing using this layout.

The WMS system can handle routing that is different from the warehouse map layout. Routing within a cold store is done to increase efficiencies, as well as ensuring that the mobiles are stacked from the bottom up for stability. For this configuration, we would have to consider the type of stock that is stored and the rules that apply to this stock. In some instances, the two mobile racked sides can be routed independently, if the mapping is done correctly.

This would be beneficial if the one set of mobile racks was set up as a pick face with bulk, and the other purely a bulk store.

Matched to this is the bar-coded pallet tickets that are automatically printed directly from the WMS on a receipt of each pallet with the pallet number for identification, and location for easy put-away.

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