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October 5, 2020

FLOW Visibility

The use of a visible dashboard through FLOW Visibility allows users to see the data right in front of them. This makes planning for the future a positive process, as all information past and present is stored and can be accessed and viewed at any time.

FLOW Visibility ensures that the data is able to move in the background with a dashboard able to make it visible. The system data integration platform latches onto existing applications and transfers data for a web-based internal dashboard or external client-facing portal view.

There is an increasing number of companies that have begun to collect more data than ever before. Where this is all well and good, there is a lack of visual representation of this data. With floods of information, visualisation is important.

Not only does it make reading data more palatable but it also ensures all departments understand what they see.

FLOW Visibility is incorporated from the FLOW Connect platform which stores and transfers data from different applications. The dashboard approach helps companies in the transportation sector deal with the amount of constant incoming data. It also solves the issue of transforming data into something which is accessible and understandable.

The ability to extract relevant insights is key to the present and future success of any business. As such, your business will have the information right in front of you to see what can and should be changed.

FLOW Visibility gives a centre where are corners of the organisation can add information that is relevant to the cause. What makes the system data integration platform vital is that only information relevant to specific departments are provided to those sectors.

This reduces the clutter and allows different departments to focus solely on the data they require. Your company’s sectors will not have to sift through all of the data every time they want some insights.

FLOW Connect is a data management platform that allows companies to store and transfer data from a central data warehouse. The system is positioned around our other partners, where the other partners are the focus.

Visit the FLOW Connect page for more information.

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