October 5, 2020

FLOW Connect

FLOW Connect is a data management platform that allows companies to store and transfer data from a central data warehouse. The system is positioned around our other partners, where the other partners are the focus.

However, the use of the platform allows for seamless integration for any transport management system. The system data integration platform provides assurance in the need to capture in different systems.

FLOW Connect ensures you have multiple adaptors for integration between server-based and web-based applications.

You can store and transfer all information on one platform. You also have the capability to create transport orders and move data across the integrated application with the ability to reflect required data in each application automatically.

Manual input is not only tedious but also wastes a considerable amount of time. Here, you cut out the manual programming and simply move from one application to the next hassle-free.

The data warehouse guarantees that you can analyse all information in order to make informed decisions. The transactional systems, relational data, and other types of sources flow into the warehouse with ease.

Furthermore, FLOW Connect uses the Microsoft Power BI system which allows all kinds of analysts, engineers, and decision-makers to access the data.

All departments work synergistically which gives your company that edge in the market. To stay competitive you need to be competitive and with data on your side, you will be ahead of the curve. Moreover, the system data integration platform provides the necessary reports, analytics, performance, and supports decision making processes.

Improve your ability to make decisions today. Consolidate your data from and to multiple applications and ensure historical data analysis is a part of your overall strategy. Promote your quality, consistency, and accuracy.

De-clutter your information and start the journey to a streamlined approach.

The use of a visible dashboard through FLOW Visibility allows users to see the data right in front of them. This makes planning for the future a positive process, as all information past and present is stored and can be accessed at any time.

Visit the FLOW Visibility page for more information.

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