Fastvan TMS

Fastvan’s SaaS helps companies optimize and automate all the core transportation functions (orders management, sourcing carriers, planning, optimizing and execution, settlement, visibility and reporting) and in doing so it helps companies reduce their transportation costs through optimization.

Fastvan assists haulers gain greater visibility and achieve customer satisfaction by managing their own deliveries, improve their process efficiencies by providing planning and execution on the same platform with driver last mile execution.


Customer can instantly see shipping costs before booking the order, customer can use web app or mobile app to place orders and integrate with their ERP/WMS, orders directly to dispatchers, customer then view track all orders in real time, view billing and proof of delivery.


Manages Fleets, Drivers, Carriers,customers, orders, rates, Settlement, Reports, Performance, Analytics and has extensive functionalities and capabilities including integrations with their customers existing systems using our Rest API’sK.


Orders and routes are dispatched to drivers after planning and optimization.


Gets an automated SMS when driver is assigned, and when order is dispatched with tracking.