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July 21, 2020

Warehouse management systems are something that a lot of distribution companies take for granted. A well-oiled machine will always outperform that which is in disarray.

The incorporation of these systems into your day to day life will allow your business to run smoother. Your business will never be behind the time with our software as it is constantly being updated, with new innovations being implemented.

What does the future hold for these management systems? What does the future hold for your business?

Forte Warehouse Solutions: The Future Of Warehouse Management

The warehouse industry itself will change over the next several years. With new systems and operating systems available to you, will you choose to sink or swim?

When you have the right system in place this ensures that the supply chain is run as effectively as possible. When both your business and your clients are happy, success is guaranteed.

Statistics on WMS impact on expenditure:

– Labour utilisation 10-45%
– Inventory reduction 5-40%
– Warehouse utilisation 10-40%
– Picker productivity 10-50%
– Shrinkage 50-99+%
– Increase shipping accuracy to 99%
– Increase supplier conformance 99% +
– Customer service 10-50%
– Increased inventory availability 10-50%

The rapid development of new and streamlined technologies will help to eliminate warehouse management confusion. By investing in warehouse solution systems, you will be able to decrease issues in reaction time.

Mobile technologies seem to be the next phase in warehouse management.

You have the ability to send and receive all the necessary information with a click of a button using your phone. All reporting will be done instantly and will be stored in the data centre immediately.

We have seen this start to become more and more popular as time goes on. However, it is safe to say that in the near future, a distribution business succeeds with an integrated mobile approach.

Customer care and attentiveness are two factors, which in the future, will be vital for success. Re-shoring and omnichannel transactions will be the main connection between the business and the client.“The customer is always right”, will never ring more true than right now.

What this means is that your business will need to be more than just a storage space. Your business will need to be able to convert into a company that provides more.

This more is represented through the ability to improve inbound, outbound, and storage material handling. All facets of the distribution service will need to be at an optimum level for success.

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