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An Honest Look At Transport Management Systems

There are many advantages to your business once the decision has been made to utilise transport management systems (TMS). This article aims to clarify the system by highlighting its overall advantages and disadvantages in an attempt to understand it as well as identify why it has become favoured over the years.

Advantages of Transport Management Systems

First, one of the more evident advantages of the system is the fact that your business will benefit in terms of planning, more specifically on how much stock to have and how to transport the stock from your warehouse to the customer. Improving the details of your planning from the outset is a sure fire way to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Second, the advantage of time, more specifically time management. Having the ability to know exactly how to manage your time efficiently can only result in an increase in its levels. To maximise your time means that you will have more of it at your disposal and, as a result, will have the ability to dictate how you wish to use it as well.

Third, transport management systems can only function optimally in an environment within which the workforce is willing and prepared to go forward with the plan, not against it. Transport management systems is designed to improve the business in its entirety, not only the A to B process, and consequently will improve the business’s productivity as well.

Four, the automation of a number of processes which do not require labour has made the service faster, and far more efficient. This automation has ensured the curbing of costs and further ensured that the workforce operates efficiently.

Five, monitoring and evaluation throughout the process is also a key element at improving the quality of your service. This, along with in-depth reporting, is provided to your business when the decision has been made to utilise transport management systems.

Disadvantages of Transport Management Systems

It is important to note that there are a limited number of disadvantages to the system and further that these disadvantages may, over time, be overcome and no longer pose any threat.

One of the disadvantages is the “initial cost”. The initial cost may be slightly higher than traditional systems and as a consequence be a bump to the budget. Initial costs include those costs associated with setting up the new system which may cause a subsequent increase to the spend.

When it comes to the traditional TMS versus the new cloud based TMS, the new cloud based system aims to ultimately decreases the spend. This means that not only has there been a decrease in the costs, there has also been increase to the return on investment after installation. We provide cloud based systems as we feel that the innovation and simplicity of the design ensures any company will be able to use it.


With the above-mentioned in mind, the second disadvantage comes rears its head in the sense that the aforementioned integration, from the traditional system to the new cloud based system, has been seen as a large part of why businesses feel that the systems are hurting rather than helping. It can be difficult for a business, and its staff, to adjust to the new way of doing things. This, however, is dependent on the business’s adaptability of course.

Having said this, we believe that by providing a system which is fully customisable, your business will not lose its essence.

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